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Event Date The day you want to wear your outfit Receipt Date 24 hours before your event – the day the outfit will reach your door Return Date The day after your event, when our delivery boy will come to your door to pick up the outfit Rental Fee The total price you'll pay to keep the outfit for the entire rental period (from receipt date to return date) Wishlist You'll notice a little star next to each of the outfits in our catalogue – if you click on the star the outfit automatically gets added to your wishlist – which is like a personal memory bank of all the outfits you loved. All you need to do is click on 'wishlist' on the top of the page once you've signed in and all of your 'starred' outfits will be displayed. To make it easier to share what you love with your friends, the wishlist also has an easy 'email a friend' function.

Wear and Tear Regular damage to an outfit one would expect with a wear – a sequin or two falling off for example Substantial Damage Significant damage above and beyond regular wear and

Tear – so this could be a stain that's not easy to remove or a tear Major Loss The kind of damage that means we can no longer rent the outfit out and will need to replace it – like a large tear or stain which cannot be removed Late Fee If you return your outfit one day after the Return Date we shall charge you a late fee according to our terms which is mentioned in the website . Thereafter, for every day that the outfit is late up till 14 days from the return date we shall charge you a daily late fee of 50% of the rental fee. At 16 days from the Return Date we shall charge you a final late fee of 150% of the retail value less any late charges you have already paid. Please refer to our return policy for more details.

Advance Deposit - A deposit equivalent to 50% of the rental fee

Security Deposit - security deposit will be charged according to the outfit you are renting This deposit is returned to you in full as soon as your outfit is sent back to us in good condition on time. Any late fees or damage penalties are adjusted against this amount.

Same day Dewlivery - if you are going to any event in the evening and you have nothing to wear go rent it on bridaldresses and click on the button same day delivery the dress will be on your doorstep on that day and this will be specific to some cities

For more details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.